Service Request Integration Disconnection Feature

What does this feature allow me to do?

This feature allows console users with security roles of Power User or higher to disconnect an integrated service request from its integration from inside the CitySourced console.

How does this feature benefit my organization?

If you have multiple systems integrated with CitySourced and have come across the issue of service requests not being correctly submitted, you will find true benefit from this feature.

In the event, an end-user submits a service request but does not choose the correct request type and the service request pushes into your integrated system, often times these types of request go unattended given they do not end up in the correct system and overall cause a bad end-user experience.

By utilizing this feature, console users will now be able to disconnect a service request from an integration, change the request type to the correct request type, and have the ability to create the service request in the correct system all from within the console.

How to disconnect a service request from an integration

1. Locate and open an integrated service request:


This sample service request was submitted as an "Abandoned Vehicle" request and pushed into Sungard a work order management system. After reviewing the details of this service request, the request type should have been "Pothole" rather than "Abandoned Vehicle".

2. How do I disconnect a service request from an integration


Simply locate the "Integration Details" section of the service request and click on the "Disconnect" text. Once this action is taken, the vendor metadata that was associated with the service request will be saved and stored in the "Private Notes" section of the request for future reference. In addition to this, we will notify the assigned user and integration admin of the disconnect.

3. How do I change the request type of a service request?


Click on the Blue Pen icon next to the request type and from the pop-up window (Update Request Details) select the appropriate request type and hit the "Update" button.

4. What happens when I change the request type to a request type that is set up to integrate with another integration, for example, Cityworks?


Once that action is taken, the service request will automatically create and push into the other integration (ex: Cityworks). If a request type is not set up to integrate with a system, the service request will not integrate with any system and can be managed from within the console.

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