Escalation Rules Feature (Enterprise Plus)

What does this feature allow me to do?

This feature allows console users with security roles of System Admin or higher to set escalation rules to request types to alert staff via an email notification of service requests that have not had a status change within a given period of time or if service requests have not been set to a particular status.

How does this feature benefit my organization?

It can become difficult to manage service requests with the same amount of quality when there are high volumes of submissions that occur on a daily basis. Escalation rules address this problem by allowing console users the ability to apply logic to request types to alert staff of service requests that have not yet been processed and that need to be addressed immediately.

How to Create and Edit Escalation Rules

1. Locate Escalation Rules under Customer Details      Escalation_Rules.png

2. How do I create an Escalation Rule?CreateER.png
Locate and click the Create Escalation Rule button

3. Fill in the required fields
Details Section
Name: [insert in escalation rule name]
Sort Order: [insert in numerical value]

Request Types Section
Request Types: [from the drop down menu select a request type or types]

Days Section
Number Of Days:[insert in numerical value]
 - Note: Number of Days refers to when the escalation rule should trigger. For example, after 3 days, send out alert notifications.
Base Days on Work Calendar?: [this checkbox should be marked if the number of days value is based on a work calendar (default Monday - Friday)]
- Note: If your organization's work calendar in not the traditional Monday - Friday, simply contact support to request to update the work calendar to appropriate calendar days.

Status Change Type Section
Status Change Type: [from the drop down menu select the appropriate logic that will be implemented]
- Option 1: Not Currently
- Option 2: Has Not Changed In Status

Status Types Section
Status Types: [from the drop down menu select a status type or status types]

Notified Users Section
Notify Assigned User?: [mark the checkbox if the assigned user of the request type(s) in question should be notified]
Notify a User: [from the drop down menu select a user or users that should be notified]

Notified Teams Section
Notify a Team: [from the drop down menu select a team or teams that should be notified]

Canned Responses Section
Send a Canned Response: [from the drop down select the appropriate canned response the end-user should receive]

Summarize Results Section
Summarize Results to Note?: [by marking the checkbox a summary of the escalation rule will appear in the Private Notes section of the escalated service request]

4. Hit the Update button to save all the inserted information and active the escalation rule


Once an Escalation Rule has been activated, staff (assigned user(s)/teams) will begin to receive email notifications alerting them of escalated service requests that need to be addressed based on the logic set up. In order for an individual service request to no longer be escalated the status needs to be updated to appropriate status type.

*This feature is available in the Enterprise Plus subscription. Contact Sales for more information. 

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