Shared Custom Views Feature (Enterprise Plus)

What does this feature allow me to do?

This feature allows console users of every security role type to create custom filtered views and share them with their entire organization or with a specific team.

How does this feature benefit my organization?

Currently, console users can create their own custom filtered views but they cannot share them with others. This feature allows console users to now able to share their filtered views with others in their organization to share real-time data.

How to create and share custom filtered views with others

1. Identify where you'd like to create a custom filtered view
- Option 1: Under the Applications tab select Service Request
- Option 2: Under the Metrics tab select Service Request or App Store

2. Create a filter  fILTERS.png

Console users can create a filter by clicking on the buttons available in the yellow nav bar and taking the appropriate next steps.

3. Once you've set up your custom filter, click on the "Save As" button to start sharing your filter with others and hit the "Create View" button.
Saved Custom View Pop-Up Window
Name: [name the filter]
Share with Organization?: [mark this box if you'd like to share this filter with all console users]
Share with Team?: [mark this box if you'd like to share this filter with a specific team and select the team]
- Note: Console user are only able to share it with either the entire console user base or with a specific team but not both.

4. Shared custom filtered views based on your selection will appear in either the "Teams View" drop-down menu or in the "Organization Views" drop-down menu found on the left-hand side of the Service Request or Metrics webpage.

*This feature is available in the Enterprise Plus subscription. Contact Sales for more information. 


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