Service Request Merging Feature

What does this feature allow me to do?

This feature allows console users with security roles of User or higher to merge service requests that may be duplicate in nature.

How does this feature benefit my organization?

In the event, multiple end-users report the same issue in their community, it can become challenging for an organization to communicate with each individual and update them on the progress being made regarding the reported issue. This feature solves this problem by allowing console users to merge multiple service requests into one and use one service request to communicate with all end-users who reported the same issue.

How does it work?

1. Locate and open a service request


2. Click on the "Action Menu" button and select "Mark as Duplicate"


3. From the pop-up window, insert in the CitySourced ID number of the service request you'd like to merge and click on the "Merge" button


4. Success! You've merged a service request


All end-users of merged service requests will be notified that their service request has been merged and that they will continue to be notified when updates and/or comment are made to the request.

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