Can I disable Public Comments?

Starting with release 2.1.1 (Mid September, 2017), public commenting can be disabled on all public facing application. By contacting our support team at you can request for the Public Comments functionality to be turned off across all external CitySourced applications (mobile apps & widget).

Service requests that are publicly accessible allow the ability for end-users (constituents) to contribute comments via the mobile app and/or widget despite them not being the reporter of the issue. By disabling the Public Comments feature, end-users will continue to be able to access public-facing service requests but they will not be able to contribute comments.

FAQ: Can the reporter of the issue contribute a comment?

Yes, the reporter of the issue will be able to add a comment, others will not.

FAQ: Will console users be able to add comments?

Yes, internal users will be able to add comments via the CitySourced console.

FAQ: How will end-users know that they are not able to add comments?

As shown below, when an end-user accesses a public-facing service request, opens the details of the request, the comment section and Add Comment button will appear in gray and if clicked on, it will not allow a user to type in a comment.

Please note, if you decide to disable the Public Comments functionality all request types will be affected. At this time, you cannot disable the functionality on a per request type basis.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment section below.

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