Whats new in Version 1.8?

We are excited to roll out a new version of the mobile application. Version 1.8 contains improvements to the user interface, app stability and app performance. 

Here are some of the major user interface changes :

The word "Media" has been replaced with "Photo/Video/Audio" in order to provide more clarity to the user. 

Screenshot_2015-01-22-17-28-22.png                                  IMG_1134.PNG           

                       1.7                                                                  1.8


The "Current Location" button has moved onto the map to differentiate it from the search bar functionality.  

The "Cancel Button" has also been replaced with an "X" and moved to the top right hand corner to make its functionality clearer to the user.

The "Done" Button has also been changed to "Next" to inform the user that there is another screen left in the process. 


currentlocation_old.png                                 currentlocation_new.png

                        1.7                                                                  1.8


The Map and List View options have been changed to icons to make the bottom bar cleaner. 


 Screenshot_2015-01-22-17-39-26.png                                newmapicon.png

                      1.7                                                                 1.8


 We hope that you are excited about the changes!



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