How do I filter which reports are displayed in the Console?

Over time, as more users log issues into the system, the number of reports an organization has will increase which can make it harder to get through all that data. In the Web Console you have the ability to filter your report data so that you can find the information you need much quicker. 


1.  Select "Service Requests" from the "Applications" drop down menu on the navigation bar
2   To filter this list of issues, click on "Report Types:" on the filter toolbar.


3.  A box with filter options will pop up. You have the option to filter by four different characteristics of the issue: Report Type, Status, Boundary, and Date. You can filter by a combination of one, two, or all four of these different factors; the choice is yours.  



 4.  Simply check the box for options you want displayed or enter the date(s) as MM/DD/YYYY that you want displayed. 
  Click the 'Update' button to makes the changes. 

*Your Service Request List will be loaded based on the last filter settings until you manually reset the filter options. Please note, cookies must be enabled for this feature.

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