How do I add a new user to our CitySourced Console?

The CitySourced web console is built for you to provide access to the desired people in your organization. This will allow them to use the features of our console (view and handle issues, look at issues metrics and create widgets). 
  • Log-in into the Console. 
  • Click on the gear icon on your navigation bar to access your 'Customer Settings' (the settings for your organization)

customer settings gear icon.png

  • From within the 'Customers Settings', click on the 'Users' tab. 
  • Scroll down to 'Create New User'. Complete the contact info for the new user.


  • A dialog box will pop-up.


  • Choose the appropriate Security Role for the new user. 
  • The CitySourced Username should be in the format firstName.lastName. For example, John Smith's console username would be john.smith
  • Email must be one, and only one, email address.
  • Select Send Email to send the new user an invite email with log-in instructions once the user is created. If you prefer to send the invitation email at a later date, leave this field deselected.  
  • Click Create to finalize the process.


  • If an invite email was not sent to the user, an envelope icon will appear under Send InviteSelect this icon at any time to send the user an email with log-in instructions. 
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