What does the "Widget" feature offer and how do I create one?

Our widgets allow our customers to create custom applications, with no coding knowledge, that can be installed and executed within any web page. Widgets provide your users with another easy way to submit and view service requests. Sharing the widget code with community leaders will help to further promote your solution to the general public, which will get more requests coming though this more efficient channel.  

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you may not charge anyone for access to widgets.

Widgets can be accessed by logging into the Console, and selecting the gear icon on the top right of the page. (This is only available to certain Roles). Click Widgets from the left-side navigation bar. 

Once in the Widgets page, any Widgets created after the Console release on 10/27/15. will be displayed here. To create a new Widget, select the "Create Widget" button in the top right corner. 


  1. For Application, click "Service Request". (The Trash Service Widget feature is a separate application. For more information, please contact
  2. Select the Widget Type you wish to create. The options and their descriptions are below.
    1. Create a Service Request -  Allows anyone to create a new report directly from this widget
    2. View/List Service Requests - Displays all existing reports on a map
    3. View/List Service Requests by Request Type - Displays existing reports of a selected Request Type on a map 
  3. In the Name field, name your Widget something applicable to the settings chosen, such as 'Create Request with Instructions', so that multiple Widgets are easily identifiable. 
  4. Optional instructions may be guide users in submitting through the Widget. Select the check-box to include these instruction.
  5. The Map Lat/Lng  and Zoom settings are automatically filled in based on your City/Console settings. If needed, these can be manually adjusted.
  6. Click "Create"

The Widget will then be displayed in the main Widgets Page. Select the eye icon in the "Preview" column to preview the feature. To add this Widget to your site, click on the icon in the "View Code" column, copy the applicable (HTML or Javascript) code, and paste it to your site.  


map_of_reports.png               create of reports.png
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