Where does the address on an issue originate from?

The address that is displayed is calculated based on a 'Lat/Long' coordinate that is captured by the smart device. In regard to location, the address that is displayed in the console is a best guess based on a 'Lat/Long' coordinate. 

In the case when a user searches for location by manually entering an 'Address', CitySourced does not save this information. The user has the option to adjust the location after this search by moving a pin on the map. 

Once the user finalizes input of location, we first convert this manually entered address to a 'Lat/Long' that is returned by our geocoding service. Then, we convert this 'Lat/Lang' back into an 'Address', using reverse-geocoding. Therefore, it is possible that the address displayed on an issue within the console is different than that manually entered by the user. 

We are currently using Google as our geocoding service as it’s the only service that allows users to submit non-structured addresses. For example:

Ex: Geocode -> “1300 Main St. 90024”
Ex: Geocode -> “Redlands, CA”
Ex: Geocode -> “90024”

The 'Lat/Long' coordinate will always be the most accurate piece of location information. The 'Address' reported on an issue will always be an approximation, even when entered in directly by the end user.

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