How can Workflows help to automate Service Requests in the Web Console?

Having to manually assign or email notifications of service requests can be very tedious and inefficient. The CitySourced platform alleviates this effort by providing you with the ability to setup automated Workflows. Each report type has its own workflows, which allows you to set them up based on your organizational needs.

  • Select  'Customer Settings' (the gear icon on the navigation bar, only certain Roles have this option)
  • From the left-hand navigation bar, click 'Workflows'. You will be taken to a screen similar to the one below:

  • Go to the Workflow you want to configure and click "Edit Rule" on the far right column. A window will appear where you can make edits to the selected Workflow.

Routing Type

  • If the service request must be routed to your third party software via integration, choose Integration as the 'Routing Type'. 
  • For the "Integration" drop down list,  select the third party integrated software used with the selected request type.
  • For the "Integration Value",  Enter the ID used in the Third Party Software for the request type (ex. Problem SID in CityWorks).


NOTE- If the service request does not need to be routed to a third party, choose "None" as the 'Routing Type'. You will have the option of entering an email address (or multiple addresses) to be notified of the incoming Service Request in the next field:

Notify Address(es)

  • Email addresses added to this field will receive email notifications once a request for this report type is submitted. All email addresses entered here will be sent a detailed description of the request, including location, report type and description, and a link to the issue within the console.
  • Multiple email addresses must be separated by semicolon. 

Assigned User

  • Click on the dropdown field to choose a user to be auto-assigned to each new service request for this report type. Once a request is submitted, an Assigned User will automatically receive an email alerting them that they have been assigned to a new Service Request. The email will also include a link to the Service Request in the Console. An Assigned User will also receive an email if a comment is added to the request by another user. 

Canned Response

  • Select the drop down list next to "Canned Response" to associate one of your canned response to that request type.

Mark as Private

  • Check the box next to "Mark as Private" to automatically have service requests for this request type have a Privacy Status of "Private".


Click "Update" to commit the changes.




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