What's the different between private and public issues in the console?

Our customers have the option to make Service Requests that are reported to our system publicly available so that other users can view reports and their details.  We NEVER share any personal information publicly about users, such as name and contact info.

The reports that are public can be viewed by anyone through the Nearby Requests inside mobile application and CitySourced widgets. However, we realize that not all reports should be publicly accessible and have put safeguards in place for situations where this is the case. 

Service Requests that contain sensitive information and need to be hidden from the public can be changed from being publicly accessible to being private. When an service request is changed to 'Private', only the following people can access the service requests from our system:

  • The CitySourced member who created the service request into the system
  • Anyone in your organization with access to the CitySourced web console

In order to make a service request Private or Public, you must toggle the "Privacy" option on the service request detail. 



This parameter can be toggled back and forth based on your discretion. 

We highly recommend marking service requests as private versus deleting the record. Please see the following article if you must perform a delete.

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