Why can't I see the image when I receive an service request notification email?

We want to make sure that our email workflow provides your organization with the fastest notifications possible, so that you know about a new service request as soon as it is reported.  Media attached to the service request can affect the speed of the email notification delivery. The time it takes for media to upload to our system is based on a variety of factors, such as the device on which the request was created, the user's data connection, media size, etc.  In order to provide you with the fastest notification possible, we use an asynchronous approach to our email notifications. 

Using an asynchronous approach means that we do not wait for the media to completely upload before creating the new service request. As a result, in some instances, our system notifications are sent before the entire media file has been uploaded.

When media is attached to a service request, we set up a media link, which points to the place in our system where the media will be stored and accessed.


 If you click on the media link right when you receive the email, you may not be able to access the media because it hasn't been completely uploaded yet.  However, since the media link is pointed to the correct location in our system, you can always go back to your notification email, click the media link and access the media once its has completely uploaded. 

 NOTE: Make sure that your email client is set to allow images to download. Failure to do so may result in email notifications without media.




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