How do I overlay custom ArcGIS maps over the Web Console map?

We strive to provide you the best mapping and GIS data possible through our partnership with Esri. We realize that even more information can be added to these maps by the addition of map overlays.  These overlays can show anything from more detailed street information to the locations of street lights within an area.  These custom maps can be created by leveraging ArcGIS Services which many of our customers have already done. Within the Console we have provided you with the ability to overlap the standard basemap with these custom services. 

NOTE: For your hosted maps the SRID=102100/Esri WKID=3857.

The "Mapping Layers" feature can be accessed in the console by going to your Customer Settings ("the gear icon"). 

Once at the screen, you will need to use the "Create New Map Layer" form to add a new ArcGIS Service. 

  • Name - The name of your ArcGIS Service
  • Map Layer Type - The type of ArcGIS Service you are using (Currently only Map and Feature Services are supported)
  • URL - The URL of the hosted ArcGIS service
  • Show by Default? - Toggle this show or hide the overlay layer



Once you have completed the step above you should be able to see your overlay(s) on the Console map:



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