Can I create an automatic comment response for a specific request type?

Our Web Console has a feature we call Canned Responses, which allows you to create preset responses that you can associate with a specific request type.  Once you do this, the response will automatically be sent to the reporting user after their request is submitted. This is a much more efficient method then having to manually send the same response every time and will let you focus on actually handling the requests. 


How to Create a Canned Response


  1. You will need to go to your "Account Settings" which you can do by clicking the gear icon on the right side of the blue navigation bar. 


  2. Once in your Account Settings, you will want to select "Canned Responses" from the sidebar canned_responses_choice_in_menu.png

  3. On the Canned Responses Screen, you can create a new response by filling out the form at the bottom of the screen
    1. Title - This will be the title of the Canned Response you are creating. You will want to give it a name that other users in your organization will easily recognized
    2. Text - This is the actual response that will be sent to the reporting user when they submit the report
    3. Send Method - This is where you select the method that you want to use to send the response. You can chose to have it posted as a comment in the report, sent as a push notification on the smartphone, or sent as an email. You can also select any combination of the three. 


  4. Once you have created your canned response you can apply it to the desired request type(s). To do this select 'Workflows' from the sidebar.
  5. Once you are on the Workflows page, go to the desired request type(s) and select your canned response from the 'Apply Canned Response' drop down list. Once you selected the desired canned response, click the 'Update' button to save your changes.



Now your canned response is set up and ready to run! You can always go back to the 'Canned Responses' screen to make changes to existing canned response or create new ones.


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