How do I mass update many Issues at one time?

It is possible to update the Status and Privacy of many issues with a single action. Currently, you can only apply this update to up to 15 issues per update.

From the Console, select 'Applications' > ' Service Requests'. From the List View, you will see a list of service requests, based on the current Filters set. In the right-hand column of the table, there will be the option to select multiple Issues using the check box for reach row, or use the check box in the table header to select all issues currently displayed (limited to 15 total reports)


Once you've selected the Issues you wish to update, click the 'Action Menu' button, and then select either 'Update Status' or Update Privacy'.

Update Status

When you select to update status, you'll need to make the following selection in the pop-up box:

  1. Select the status which you'll want applied to all selected issues
  2. Select the check box to 'Enable Public Notifications' ONLY if you want notifications sent to all users about the changes. Default setting is unchecked. If you're making many updates simultaneously or updates to very old issues, we recommend you leave this box uncheck to avoid confusing or blasting user.


Update Privacy

When you select to update privacy, you'll only have one selection that is to make all the issues either 'Public' or 'Private'.

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