How can I save custom filter options/views in the Console?

In addition to the four default Views, custom Views can be created and saved.

  • To save a custom "view" (group of selected filter parameters), first Set Filters.
  • Once all filters have been chosen and the results have been loaded, click Save As.


  • Choose a name for your custom view that explains the filter options chosen. For example, 'All Graffiti This Month'
  • Saved views will appear on the left column under Service Requests


  • You can select a saved view at any time and the results will be loaded on the Service Request List.
  • To rename or delete a saved view, click on the drop down arrow beside the view name. 


  • Saved views can be managed through the 'Manage Filters' option on the filter toolbar, or by going to My Settings and selecting Filtersin the left navigation bar.



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