How do I create a new service request inside the Console?

To create a new service request from inside the console, navigate to the 'Applications' dropdown menu list and select 'Service Requests'.

  • In the upper left-hand side, click the 'Create Request' button.


  •  Enter the location for the request. This can be done by entering an address or intersection in the search bar above the map, and clicking 'Locate'. The map can also be used to choose a location if an address is not provided. Scroll or use the + and - buttons to zoom, and use the mouse to pan the map. Center the compass indicator around the location desired.


  • Once an address has been provided, you will be prompted to enter the Service Request Information on the left side of the map. Input the appropriate information. Please note, some request types will prompt additional fields to appear in order to obtain more specific information to assist with understanding the issue. 
  • NOTE: If you are entering in the service issue on behalf of someone else, like a caller for instance, it is recommended that you request their email address, which can be entered into the Email field. This email address will receive updates regarding the request, and will not be shown to the public.
  • If you are submitting this request with your Name and Email, check the 'Use Me as Author' field under 'Telephone', and your data will be auto-filled. 
  • Attach Image or Video file(s) if applicable, and click 'Submit'.



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