What internet browsers and smartphone operating systems (OSs) do you support?

In effort to keep our apps up to date with the latest operating systems, we must balance the existing market and monitor our customers' usage and developing trends. We do not have hard and fast rules about dropping support for a particular OS or browser, but consider ending support once a operating system or browser drops below 5% adoption. Currently, we support the following:

Smartphone Operating Systems:

  Apple iOS

  • OS Versions: 8.0+

  Google Android

  • OS Versions: 4.0+

  Microsoft Window Phone

  • OS Versions: 8.1+


  • Discontinued in Jan, 2013
  • Users with BB devices should now use the HTML5 application

Internet Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ (Support for 8.0 will be discontinued on Jan 1, 2017)
  • Google Chrome 36+
  • Mozilla Firefox 32+
  • Apple Safari 8+
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