How can I find detailed reports/metrics?

The Metrics tab in the CitySourced Web Console offers access to useful data regarding App Downloads and Service Requests. Our filter options provide the ability to specify what measurements you want to see, so that you can retrieve detailed and informative reports. This article will demonstrate how to access Service Request Metrics and what the Metrics allow you to obtain. 

Service Request Metrics

Access this page by hovering over Metrics in the top navigation bar, and selecting Service Requests

Service Request Metrics refresh every 12 hours, and capture the quantity of incoming reports and details regarding the action taken on those reports. The default View displays statistics over the last 90 Days in a graph and table chart. Included in these charts is Total Reports Submitted, Average Closing Time, and Common Report Types. By scrolling further down on the page, you can see detailed statistics about reports by Report Type and by Status. Click 'Switch to Totals' or 'Switch to Percentages' to switch between a Pie Chart view and a Bar Graph view. 


App Download Metrics

App Download counts are updated daily as result of how the data is provided from the various app stores (iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Store).

Filters can be applied in the App Store metrics similar to how they are used when searching for Service Requests. To filter the App Store metrics by date, go the App Store page (in the Console, access the drop-down 'Metrics' from the Nav Bar and seelct App Store), then click on one of the rectangles in the orange bar near the top of the page.

From there you'll see a pop-up with Filter Options, you can either specify the date range in the 'From' and 'To' fields at the bottom right corner, or select 'This Year' from the drop down menu underneath 'Date'. Then just click Update. I've attached a screenshot as well, please let me know if you have any questions!

You can actually retrieve this data from within the Console. Once you log-in, hover over 'Metrics' in the top navigation bar, and click 'App Store' from the drop-down menu that appears (screenshots attached).

Here you'll see information regarding the Downloads Total. If you want to filter this by date, the filters work like the Service Requests Filters. Just click on one of the boxes within the orange bar, choose the date or date range you want to see, and select Update.

You can Save or Print this data from the 'Action Menu' button in the top right of the page.

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    Nole Walkingshaw

    How do I create a custom filter that can be forwarded on to managers or political officers?




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