Teams (Enterprise Plus)

*This feature is available in the Enterprise Plus subscription. Contact Sales for more information. 

With the Enterprise Plus subscription, Admin users have the ability to create ‘Teams’ designated with specified Request Types. Service Requests of those Request Types the can only be seen by users of that Team. However, a Request Type can be assigned to more than one team.

Admin Users will have the capability of Creating Teams, Adding Users to those Teams, and removing Users from the Teams. Once the Teams are set up, please contact to associate the proper Request Types with each Team.


Creating Teams
Associating Request Types with Teams
Editing Teams

Creating Teams

  • Navigate to your settings by logging into the Console and clicking on the gear icon on the top right of the screen (this is only available to specific User Roles)
  • From the left navigation bar, choose Teams. In this screen, any Teams you have created will be listed along with the number of Users assigned to them.

  • Click the Create Team button on the top right of the screen.

  • Input a Team name in the ‘Name’ field. We suggest using a name relevant to the duties of the team, such as ‘Water’ or ‘Graffiti’.
  • In the Users field, add all Users you wish to include in the Team. Note: If a Request Type is associated to a team, only Users in that Team will have the ability to manage requests of that type. If a Request Type is associated with multiple team, only Users in each of those teams will have the ability to manage requests of that type.
  • Click ‘Create’

Associating Request Types with Teams

At this time, CitySourced Support will need to be contacted in order to associate Request Types with Teams. Once your teams are set up with Names and Users, please contact and provide the Team Name and its associated Request Type(s).


Team Name

Associated Request Type

Graffiti Team


Streets Team

Street Light


Traffic Signal




Note: If a Request Type is NOT associated with a Team, it will be viewable to every User.

Editing Teams

The Team name and User list can be edited from within the Console. Navigate to the Settings gear icon on the top right and click on Teams from the left navigation menu.

Click on the name of the Team you wish to edit. You will be led to a page similar to the one below:

-Edit the Team name by clicking on the pencil icon at the top of the page.
-Remove a User by clicking on the X icon to the right of the User’s name.
-Disable the Team by selecting Disable at the top right, underneath the Action Menu.
To delete a Team entirely, click on the Action Menu, then click Delete.

Contact Support to add or remove associated Request Types.


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