Home Screen Buttons - Mobile App Version 1.9

In addition to a more sophisticated style revealed in Mobile App version 1.9, this update will include options to add up more buttons on the App's Home Screen that lead Users directly to pages also available in the App's side menu. 

Home Screen Buttons

You will be able to include up to four buttons on the Home Screen. The layouts below are available options.

1) Option A - Two Buttons

2) Option B - Three Buttons (2/1)


3) Option C - Three Buttons (1/2)


4) Option D - Four Buttons

 To set your initial Button Layout please email with your desired Layout and the Button's target URL/page. The attached Word Document (CitySourcedButtons.docx), found at the bottom of this article, can be used as a template to submit to the Support Team. In your Support Email, just fill in your answers to items 1-3 in the attached doc - or let us know if you have any questions! 



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