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*Please submit new graphics to 

In order to update your App's graphics, a new build most be compiled and an update released to the App Stores. To submit new graphics to be released with our next regularly scheduled update of your App, please prepare your images to the requirements below and email them to CitySourced Support.

Graphics Requirements

Please provide high-res images with a resolution of 96 dpi. Files should be delivered as either .eps or .png. 

Home Screen Graphic

This image will need to be submitted in the following sizes in order to display properly in our multiple App Platforms.

640 x 960 px

640 x 1136 px

1024 x 768 px (HTML5 Platform - Tablet) 

1440 x 900 px (HTML5 Platform - Desktop)

Icon Graphic (IN APP ONLY) 

1024 x 1024 px


The files attached to this Help Center article (found at the bottom) can serve as guides to lay over your smartphone Home Screen Graphics in order to verify that the Buttons and Title Bar do not cut off any significant part of the image. 

For the HTML5 graphics, guides are not available since the display is dependent on the viewer's window size. However, the pixels that may be affected by the bottom Buttons are listed below. It is recommended that no text is present in those respective portions of the graphic.

Tablet Graphic (1024 x 768) Bottom 140 pixels may be hidden by buttons
Desktop Graphic (1440 x 900) Bottom 180 pixels may be hidden by buttons




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