How is the Status of a Service Request set?

When a new service request is submitted into the system, this status begins as "Submitted". When the service request gets processed (as they all do), the following steps are taken:

  1. The organization or "owner", such as the City, County, School, or Utiltity, of the service request is determined. Ownership is determined through a variety of factors based on the business rules established by each organization: AppKey, Service Request Type, and/or Geofences.
  2. The service request is placed into your collection of service requests (we call this your "bucket")
  3. The service request is then run through its associated Workflow, where: 
  • It can get emailed (or not, if no email addresses are present) -OR- it can be pushed into an integration.
  • It can be marked as Private
  • It can be assigned to a user
  • It can trigger a Canned Response

Once the above #1-3 conclude, the service request gets marked as "Received"

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