What is an Internal Use Only Service Request? (Enterprise Plus)

An internal use only service request is a type of service request that is only visible and usable by members of your organization via the CitySourced console. This type of service request is not public facing and will not appear in the mobile application.

  •                 Mobile Application                      CitySourced Console


To start using or testing internal service requests simply log into the console, navigate and click on the 'Applications' drop down menu, click and select 'Service Requests', click on the 'Create a Request' button, insert the address of the request, click on the 'Select a Report Type' drop down menu and you will be able to see the internal service requests you requested.

This type of request works exactly like an ordinary service request in that you can pull metrics on it, create a workflow for it, add private comments, change the status, and more.

To set up an internal use only service request(s) please contact us at to get you started. This feature is only available for Enterprise Plus customers.

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