Edit / Delete Private Notes

Console users with the security role of User and above are able to edit private notes based on the following rules:

  1. Users Own Notes: Users can update / delete private notes that they created.
  2. Notes Authored by Lower Security Roles: Users with a higher security role than that of the note's author can update / delete the note, based on their current security role (eg, Users cannot delete, but Power Users can).
  3. Notes Authored by Equal/Higher Security Roles: Users with an equal security role to or less than that of the note's author can only update their own private notes.

NOTE: The above essentially means that Power User security roles can edit / delete private notes authored by either themselves or other User roles. User security roles can only edit /delete their own private notes. Viewer roles cannot do anything. Notes created by the system can only be edited by the System Admin roles.

NOTE: Any action above will trigger a notification to private note's author (unless the author is the user performing the action).

Learn How To Edit / Delete a private note:

Step 1. To Edit a Private Note locate and click the Pencil icon as shown below.


Step 2. You can edit, add, remove the text in the text field. Make sure to click on the Update button to store your changes.


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