Allow Citizen Comments to be Private by Default

Do you have public-facing service requests that anyone in the city/county/organization can view and access via your app using the Nearby Request portion of the app?

If yes, having public-facing service requests help others in the community know what has been reported around their area and can also reduce duplicate service request submissions. When someone other than the citizen/author of the service request comes across it via your app, they do have the option to add a comment despite not being the creator of the service request. The comments left on service requests can often times be helpful but there are other times where comments can contain sensitive information or simply inappropriate for other app users to see.

We now support, across the board, being able to by default make citizen/author comments private. This is an optional feature.

View HERE for the citizen/author experience of adding a comment to their own service request. As you can see, if you are logged into your account, when you view your service request you will be able to add a comment but also see previous comments you've added.

View HERE for the 3rd party experience of accessing a public-facing service request that was not reported by the 3rd party but rather someone else. You'll notice that the 3rd party is not able to see the creator's comments given we enabled the described feature. The 3rd party is still although able to add a comment but we also by default marked it as private.

Please note, console users will be able to see all submitted comments by citizens/authors.

FAQ: Who at the city/county/organization is set up receive comments?

If you are the Assigned User of a service request, and a citizen/author comments on the service request you've been assigned, then you will receive an email notification alerting you that someone has left a comment for you to see.

FAQ: Can this be applied on a per request type basis or is it a global configuration?

It is a global configuration meaning that if you request for this future to be turned all, by default all citizen/author comments will be marked as private for all request types. 

FAQ: Can we turn this on and/or off at any time?

Yes. You will need to contact our support team in order to enable the feature or disable. We strive to respond to support inquiries within 48 hours or less.

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