Service Request Can Now be Filtered by Sub Request Types

Does your request type set up look something like this:

[top-level request type] Neighborhood:    
  [drop-down menu for sub-request types] Issue Type:  
    Tall Grass and Weeds
    Missed Trash Pickup

If so, prior to console update version 2.1.4 you were only able to filter by top-level request types when searching for data. For example, if I go to Applications > Service Requests, if I open the filters, the first column lists all the top-level request types that are available in your app. So I can select something like Neighborhood issues in the Last 30 Days and be able to pull that data and/or metrics that will include all sub-request type data like Graffiti, Missed Trash Pickup, etc.


You are now able to get more granular on your searches for service request data. By taking the same steps, if you go to Applications > Service Requests > Filters, instead of a checklist with checkboxes, you will now see a Request Type drop-down menu that will allow you to select sub-request types.


As you can see from the image above, I was able to select a sub-request type, Tall Grass and Weeds. Please note you are able to select multiple items from the drop-down list. You should take the next steps by visiting each column and making the appropriate selections based on what you are searching for. Hit the update button and you will be able to pull up sub-level request type data.

FAQ: How do I select all request types?

To select all request types, you'll need to reset your filter by clicking on the trash bin icon next to each selected request type. Once you've done that, click the update button.



FAQ: Can I export sub-request type data?

Yes. Once you've set up your filter, click the update button, and that data you are looking for will pull up. Locate and click on the Download this Data button to export this data.

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